Affiliate Terms

You understand that by entering Digital Products Paradise affiliate program, there are guidelines that must be followed, if approved. If any of the terms listed below are broken, you will be banned from the affiliate program, and your commissions will be forfeited.

1. You’re not allowed to use 3rd party systems for email promotions. All email contacts shall be from your own efforts that involves your own e-mail or subscriber list. The purchase of solo ads, safe lists, email lists, and the use of spam for email promotions is not allowed, or anything of the sort.

2. Negative advertising such as “John Doe – ABC Marketing Scam” and other methods that attracts controversy to portray a negative view of Digital Products Paradise is not allowed. You will be banned instantly from promoting any other products as an Affiliate of Digital Products Paradise.

3. Review sites, video reviews and cloaked domains are allowed as long as you don’t use negative words or phrases such as “scam, the truth, exposed, lies”, etc.

4. Affiliate payments will be delayed for all new affiliates that I don’t currently have a working relationship with, no matter how many sales you have. Contact me on JVZoo about your promotional methods, especially if we don’t know each other.

5. Digital Products Paradise is a legitimate business, and we correctly represent the product(s), benefits and features to the customer. We want you to do the same. Affiliates found to be misrepresenting with misleading claims, inaccurate or false information (that doesn’t comply with the FTC guidelines) will have their affiliate account banned immediately.