From: Quincy Bindon
Friday, 2:44 P.M.
Re: Your greatest asset... the L.I.S.T.

Dear Future Affiliate Marketing Rockstar,

In the last 10 years or so, successful internet marketers have produced and marketed countless products. Content creation can be a lot of work, folks!

Even if you've always enjoyed writing, and are pretty good at it... even if you have a library of content, product, all sorts of things, at your disposal... and you get new ideas almost every day, products are not the biggest asset you can have.

Here's a you want to know what the biggest asset is for the most successful internet marketers?

Listen closely...

It's not a product. It's not a system. It's not an eBook, membership course, or JV partnership.

It's the LIST.

The list. It's the one thing that the most successful online people have continued to build, work on, enhance, for years. It's the one thing they rely on to make a living more than anything else.

Many could stop producing products right now and still never have to worry about money.


Affiliate marketing through the "List".

Customer lists that have been built over the last several years by the most successful among us... lists that would rival almost anyone out there... are the key to a lifetime of success.

It's just a fact.

If you find a quality product to sell, whether it's yours or not, if you have a list many thousands strong to promote the offer to, you will make serious bank.

As much as you may like to come up with new ideas...the list is really what makes money. Without'd just have a bunch of great products...and not a soul to sell them to.
Who makes better burgers... McDonald's or your local high end eatery?

My guess would be the higher end restaurant...whether it's a chain or a locally owned joint. Don't get me wrong, McDonald's has a consistency and quality that we've come to expect... and that's the reason fast food has become so successful... plus I like McDonald's burgers.

But they're not as good as homemade...or real restaurant style burgers. Okay, but who do you think makes more money selling burgers? Definitely McDonald's. By leaps and bounds. "Billions Served" is the key. You see...McDonald's success is tied to their own "list" of customers. It's vast, and there is a lot of repeat business.
Okay...simplistic maybe.

But it makes my point.

So why do you have so much trouble finding customers?

Well, it just takes time, and trial and error. The real problem, though, is that we live in an "instant gratification" world. 24 hour news cycle, on demand TV and DVR, Taco Bell open 'til 2 in the morning.

You Don't Want To Spend Years Trying... You Want Results NOW... You NEED Results Now!

You definitely want a good product, but the list of customers to buy it makes the success story a reality, turns a winner into a blockbuster. Want to know my list building secret?

Here It Is...

Affiliate Cash Formula!'s how the most successful affiliate marketers out there built their L.I.S.T... and how you can build yours, too!

Once broken down, it's really very simple. It'll take some time, and it'll take some work, but the rewards are staggering.

It breaks down a little something like this...


  Create a compelling landing page that persuades your visitors to join your list.
  Craft and attention getting headline
  Create interest and desire
  Cite your proof
  Call your prospect to action


  Give them an extra incentive - such as a free report - to encourage visitors to subscribe.
  What to give away
  Where to find it
  What mistakes to avoid


  Send out a series of solo emails that help you build a relationship with your subscribers and close the sale.
  Meaty, content rich articles
  Instruction manuals
  Evergreen content designed to keep your list interested and give them something of value time after time...I'll show you how!


  How to start sending traffic to your landing page.
  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  Pay Per Click
  Paid Advertising Space
  I'll show you what works the best!

That's the simple breakdown. Inside the full special report, you'll find tips, tricks, and step by step examples of how to build your own online affiliate marketing empire with... guessed it...

The L.I.S.T. and it's all inside the "Affiliate Cash Formula" special report....

Your list will be your most prized possession. The key to your ability to feast or famine in the online world. Do it right from the start, and the rewards will be amazing. Skip it, or do it half-way, and you'll reap half-way rewards and never realize your potential as reality.

In this simple, complete reference, I'm letting the cat out of the bag. You want to make real money as an affiliate marketer?

Get the "Affiliate Cash Formula" special report right now for only $7!

Okay - so with all that said when you click on the order button below here's what you'll get...

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Affiliate Cash Formula

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